The Olive Grove was founded after years of “friend-raising” in shops and markets in the Holy Land. The vendors are personally selected by The Olive Grove. We have shared coffee, stories and dreams with our suppliers. And now, we hope to share their products with you!  Our online store sells the same products you can find while visiting Holy Land locations such as Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth and other Christian sites. All of our handcrafted rosaries, crosses and statues, as well as most other items, are imported directly from the Holy Land. So, if you can’t go to the Holy Land to shop, The Olive Grove offers this convenient way to get your items delivered straight to your door.


Why The Olive Grove

The entire Holy Land, including Bethlehem, is well known for its olive wood trees that have grown there for centuries. Olive wood to this day remains a symbol of peace, livelihood and longevity.

Your Purchase Helps a Good Cause

The mission of The Olive Grove is to bring the Holy Land to your door. And, when you purchase items, you are supporting Christians in the Holy Land who live and work there. The Olive Grove is pleased and proud to share this direct connection with you.
Please, feel free to contact us with any questions about The Olive Grove or any of the items we carry.